ECOES Consulting Inc

Environmental, Ecological and Energy Consulting

Mary Jo Barkaszi - President / Ecologist

Mary Jo brings over 25 years of experience in conservation biology, marine species assessment and policy consensus building to the ECOES team. 

Mary Jo is the original  founder of ECOES and successfully grew two separate companies simultaneously, eventually selling one of the most successful divisions in 2008.  She then spent two years bringing that company up to speed with MMO / PSO programs.   As is often the case, Mary Jo has now come full circle and has returned to ECOES full of experiences and accomplishments that will continue to benefit her long list of clients in multiple industries. 

Mary Jo has worked with clients and agencies around the globe to develop best practices that meet stringent environmental needs with equally stringent operational needs. She has tremendous experience writing federal reports,  peer reviewed publications, authorization requests, and biological assessments.

 Mary Jo is a key part of any ECOES team  we provide and can also be contracted directly for expertise in the marine conservation and protected species fields.

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Mary Jo's publications can be accessed in the Publications and Reports section.


Teresa Bohuszewicz - Office Manager

Teresa Bohuszewicz is our Office Administrator who has a compulsion for order and documentation!  Combined with a background in the sciences she marries her desire for organization with an understanding of research and problem solving to aid the principle research investigator in keeping the projects updated and the office running smoothly.

Originally from the republic of Panama, Teresa is an anthropologist and chemist, fluent in Spanish, and previously worked at Westinghouse and Sandia National Laboratory.  She is  an excellent editor and manages all logistics operations and personnel.  She is  avid outdoors(wo)man and a tireless volunteer in our community.  We are lucky to have her on board and you will find that all business dealings with ECOES are pleasant, professional and efficient with Teresa. 


Cynthia Vallejo - Environmental Analyst - HSE manager




Jeffrey Martin - Acoustician and Technical Lead

Jeff Martin has worked for ECOES for the past year maintaining and updating our acoustic technologies. He has helped to implement advanced technologies in data gathering and processing. He has been working closely with Cornell's Bioacoustic Research Laboratory on the new SeaBAM system.  Jeff has also applied his experience with sailing and seamanship to develop the ECOES Marine Division. As a USCG certified captain he has brought ECOES the ability to provide job specific vessels and specialized equipment for a variety of work. He has taken the lead on the installation of the SEA-BAM bio-acoustic monitoring system onto several seismic and research platforms. Jeffrey has worked on many offshore energy industry related and government construction projects.



Brittiny Bennett -Principle Ecologist

Brittiny Bennett has worked for over 3 years in the offshore and onshore fields through ECOES.  She has worked as a marine mammal observer for various projects in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico as well as near-shore manatee projects in Florida.  Brittiny is skilled in marine mammal observation, passive acoustic monitoring, infrared scanning and night vision monitoring.  She also has a tremendous amount of experience in compiling protected species monitoring reports for federal agencies and communications with seismic crews.

Brittiny was instrumental in developing an interactive Global Regulatory Database (GRD) in which she researched the various mitigation procedures and best practices in place  for the seismic industry around the world to make regulatory compliance methods more accessible for seismic operators.


Dr. David Kehl, DVM - Consultant

Dr. Kehl is a practicing large animal veterinarian and teaching faculty for anatomy in Ohio.  He provides expert consultation on impact statements regarding protected species.  His insight and knowledge have been invaluable to us in understanding the effects of blasting pressures, sound and other potential impacts to species. 


Contract Staff

Rachel Hardee

Mitch Harris

Richard Holt