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Protected Species Observation  - Marine Projects


Protected Species Observers (PSO's) are often called MMO's relating to the quantity of marine mammal observations that are required in regulations for marine-based industries. ECOES PSO's are trained and permitted not only for all types of marine mammal surveys but for other marine wildlife  such as sturgeon and marine turtles.


ECOES can provide land, air, and boat based sampling and surveys for protected species, preemptive trawling, relocation, and DNA sampling. 


ECOES PSO's are trained and certified with the latest technologies for visual observation, aerial surveys, and passive acoustic detection of marine mammals and soniferous fish.   ECOES can provide both equipment and personnel for your project needs. 


We are available for rapid response mobilization anywhere in the world.



Acoustic Monitoring

ECOES can provide a wide variety of acoustic monitoring and characterization technologies.   We are currently deploying a state of the art bioacoustics monitoring system, SeaBAM, in collaboration with Hydroscience Technologies, Inc., and Cornell University’s Bioacoustics Research Laboratory.

We have successfully deployed this system throughout the US Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the European North Sea on seismic and research vessels.   We are capable of providing research, mitigation and survey services for any project parameters. 

Along with acoustic species surveys, ECOES can provide noise footprint assessment for construction operations and vessel noise measurements.  We offer calibration services for installation of each system to insure you are meeting your permitting goals.  



Wildlife Surveys and Assessment


ECOES can provide expert services for project site assessment, project planning, and environmental impact assessment. 


We can perform thorough desk top studies providing you with well-researched, referenced, and clearly summarized information about specific species or project sites, permit and regulatory requirements, or historical data collection.


We hold, or have held, federal wildlife permits for conducting field research and assessment on a variety of birds, mammals, and herpetofauna.


We are well-versed in NEPA, ESA, and other federal regulatory acts designed to protect environmental quality and critical species and habitat through pre and post project assessment. 





Turbidity Monitoring

ECOES has all equipment and personnel necessary to complete basic turbidity monitoring for construction projects.  We can also design and implement more complex turbidity monitoring for sensitive environments or projects.   ECOES has conducted turbidity monitoring for in-situ  surveys  as well as remote instrumentation development and installation for long term monitoring in sensitive habitats. ECOES has  boats and all sampling/analysis equipment as well as trained personnel to meet any turbidity guidelines.


ECOES personnel have conducted sediment transport modeling  in wave tank research at Oregon State University which has been applied to project impact statements for sand analysis and shoreline restoration projects.  




ECOES provides training programs for PSOs required by Bureau of Ocean Energy (BOE),  NOAA Fisheries, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC), and other agencies.  Our training specializes in hands-on education and a through understanding of species and regulations.

In conjunction with Cornell's Bioacoustic Research Program (BRP) ECOES is now providing state-of-the-art acoustic monitoring training on the SeaBAM marine mammal monitoring system. 




Service Brochure

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