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List of publications, reports, and presentations produced by ECOES staff members

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Mary Jo Barkaszi

Barkaszi, M.J. and D. Epperson. 2009. Six-year compilation of cetacean sighting data collected during commercial seismic survey mitigation observations throughout the Gulf of Mexico, USA. Poster presentation to Society for Marine Mammalogy annual conference.  Quebec, Canada.


 Barkaszi, M.J. and M. Smith. 2009.  BHP Billiton Multi-Vessel Survey: A case study for the commercial application of Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) for regulatory compliance in the Gulf of Mexico, USA In Workshop on the Status and Applications of Acoustic Mitigation and Monitoring Systems for Marine Mammals.

 Barkaszi, MJ. 2008.  Northeast Gateway Construction Marine Mammal Sightings and Take Summary Report In: Request for the Taking of Marine Mammals Incidental to the Operation of Northeast Gateway Deepwater Port and Algonquin Pipeline Lateral.  Petition to NMFS for Incidental Harassment Authorization (IHA) pursuant to Section 101(a)(5) of the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

 Zarillo, G., J. Reidenauer, K. Zarillo, T. Shinskey, E. Reyier, M. Barkaszi, J. Shenker, M. Verdugo, and N. Hodges, 2008. Biological characterization/numerical wave model analysis within borrow sites offshore West Florida Coast. MMS 2008-005. (BP)


 Zarillo, G., J. Reidenauer, K. Zarillo, T. Shinskey, E. Reyier, M. Barkaszi, J. Shenker, M. Verdugo, and N. Hodges, 2008. Biological characterization/numerical wave model analysis within borrow sites offshore West Florida Coast: Volume II Appendices A-C. MMS 2008-005. (BP)


Barkaszi, M.J. 2005. Protected Marine Species Watch Program-MIAMI HARBOR DEEPENING PROJECT FINAL REPORT USACOE Contract W912EP-05-C-0012 .


Barkaszi, MJ. 2004 Marine Mammal Mitigation. In Hutchinson, D.R. and P. E Hart. 2004.  Cruise Report for G1-03-GM USGS Gas Hydrates Cruise, R/V Gyre, 1-14 May 2003, Norhtern Gulf of Mexico.  US Geological Survey Open-File Report OF 03-474, 103p.


 Barkaszi, M.J. 2004.  A whale of a tale: results from the first year of mitigation with the marine mammal observer program during seismic acquisition in the Gulf of Mexico.  SEG Expanded Abstracts 23, 61 (2004): doi: 10.1190/1.1842415.

 Barkaszi, M.J., S. Tyson, and E. Bouthiller. 1999. Final Report for the Endangered Species Watch Program for Blasting Activities at Atlantic Dry Dock, Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida.  FDEP Division of Protected Species, Tallahassee, FL.

 Breininger, D.R., Barkaszi, M.J., Smith, R.B., Oddy, D.M., Provancha, J.A., 1998. Prioritizing wildlife taxa for biological diversity conservation at the local scale. Environmental Management. 22, 315–321.


Breininger, D.R., V.L. Larson, R.B. Smith, D.M. Oddy, and M.J. Barkaszi. 1996. Florida scrub jay demography in periodically burned scrub on Merritt Island. Auk 113(3):617-625.


  Barkaszi, M., R. B. Smith, and D. R. Breininger. 1995. Home range characteristics of the eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon corais couperi) on John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA. Page 100 (abstract) in Proceedings of the 38th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles, August 8-13, 1995, Appalachian State University; Boone, North Carolina, USA.

 Barkaszi, M.J., V.L. Larson, R.A.Reddick, and B.A. Engel. 1995. Beyond launching rockets: merging environmental management and conservation priorities on John F. Kennedy Space Center.  Abstract and presentation to Society for Conservation Biology, Ft. Collins, CO. 

 Breininger, D.R., M.J.  Barkaszi, R.B. Smith, D.M. Oddy and J.A. Provancha. 1994. Endangered and potentially endangered wildlife on John F. Kennedy  Space Center and faunal integrity as a goal for maintaining biological diversity.  NASA Technical Memorandum 109204.


 Barkaszi, M.J., R.B. Smith, J.A. Provancha, C.R. Hall, D.M. Oddy, R. Schaub, V.L. Larson and R.A. Reddick. 1993. Biological assessment for the Banana River dredging spoil sites on John F. Kennedy Space Center. Ref. No. BA93-01.

 Larson, V.L., D.M. Oddy, D.R. Breininger, and M.J. Barkaszi. 1993. Florida Scrub Jay demography and habitat characteristics at Titan Launch Complexes 40 and 41 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Final Report to USAFS, CCAFS.

 Barkaszi, M.J. 1993. Wildlife Research on John F, Kennedy Space Center, FL. Abstract and presentation to the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, Florida Branch.  Melbourne, FL.

 Breininger, D.R., M.J. Kehl, R.B. Smith, D.M. Oddy, J.A. Provancha and V.L. Larson. 1992.Identification of species considerations for maintenance of biological diversity along the Atlantic coast of Florida. Abstract of poster paper in: Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, Supplement 73(2):121. 

 Barkaszi, M.J., R.B. Smith, D.R. Breininger, V.L. Larson and C.R. Hall. 1992. Biological assessment for the proposed landfill at Schwartz Road on John F. Kennedy Space Center. 

 Kehl, M.J., R.B. Smith, and D.R. Breininger. 1991.  Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a research tool in the conservation of the eastern indigo snake, (Drymarchon corais couperi) on John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida.  Abstract and poster presentation for the Society for Conservation Biology, Madison, WI.

 Kehl, M.J. 1989. Comparisons in macrofaunal habitat use between the seagrass Halodule wrightii and the macroalga Caulerpa prolifera in the Banana River, Florida. Abstract and presentation to the Florida Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, FL.