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Forum Home > Training FAQ > I'm just reading through it and it says you offer BOEM certification, but as far as I'm aware there is no accrediting agency in the U.S. - can you tell me what this certification entails and direct me to a website on BOEM that describes the certification

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Correct – BOEM does not “certify” anyone because sanctioning, certification or approval constitute a legal obligation for BOEM. We are using the term a little more loosely than that. What the course provides is the trainee meeting the training requirement under NTL-20012-G02 that specifically states:

“All visual observers must have completed a protected species observer training course. MMS will not sanction particular trainers or training programs. However, basic training criteria have been established and must be adhered to by any entity that offers observer training. All training programs offering to fulfill the observer training requirement must: (1) furnish to MMS, at the address listed in this NTL, a course information packet that includes the name and qualifications (i.e., experience, training completed, or educational background) of the instructor(s), the course outline or syllabus, and course reference material; (2) furnish each trainee with a document stating successful completion of the course; and (3) provide MMS with names, affiliations, and dates of course completion of trainees.”

The ECOES training course meets these criteria and has submitted all necessary items to BOEM for course “acceptance”.   If you would like further information specifically regarding BOEM requirements, please contact Dr. Deborah Epperson at BOEM, GOMR at Epperson,

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