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Mary Jo Barkaszi
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No, this course is strictly for BOEM-certification. We tried to get JNCC approval by adding a module that covered the UK seismic guidelines for UK waters but they require that a UK trainer train people IN the UK. It is unfortunate because BOEM reached out and accepted training by non-US trainers but the JNCC decided that they prefer to keep the training within the UK only. While this is a detriment to MMOs who want to cross-train, particularly those in the states, it is where things stand at the moment.  Unless you are going to work specifically in UK waters under JNCC jurisdiction, you may not need to take the JNCC course. We strongly recommend; however, that you discuss this with your employer directly to see what they want you to have. JNCC training is not applicable to US waters (just as BOEM training is not applicable to UK waters). However, outside of UK/US waters the seismic industry typically accepts either training for MMOs and may use BOEM or JNCC (or a combination of the two) guidelines for their seismic mitigation. In addition to BOEM siesmic mitigation training, our course will be covering mitigation and training requirements for other industries and agencies.

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